Welcome, Hamptons Heart Ride Cyclists!

Welcome to CycleNation—a community of cyclists and friends on a quest to put the brakes on stroke and heart disease. On May 19, 2019, our band of bike riders and well-wishers will meet up in Southampton, NY to gang up on these two leading causes of death. Our sheer numbers— in participants and raised funds— will send a powerful message to the nation:  that we can prevent stroke and heart disease from impacting millions of people.

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Let's ride stroke and heart disease into the dust.

Show the world what true commitment to a cause looks like. As a rider, you’ve raised your hand to not only put in the miles on the day of the event, but also to raise funds in the weeks leading up to it. Here’s how it works:

Select your ride. Each rider can choose from a 27-mile, 59-mile, or 100-mile bike ride through the heart of the Hamptons on Long Island, NY. 

You’ll get plenty of help on fundraising from our team and you’ll have access to online tools, a mobile app and more to help you reach your goal.

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“After my stroke, I have been able to make the lifestyle changes necessary to be healthier. Because of the support of my co-workers, I was able to ride 25 miles at CycleNation. In total, my team rode 275 miles while raising funds for a great cause. My company is proud to be actively taking care of the community we live in.”

Read Lilian's Story

Read Lilian's story