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Poughkeepsie, NY

March 24, 2018


Alexandra Scimeca

2018 Inspirational Honoree


DUHW Alex Survivor

"In 2008, while I was at my pediatrician for my 3 year well kid checkup, the doctor said he heard a murmur in my heart. Since I did not have one before, he sent me to see a cardiologist and have some tests done.

The Cardiologist found that I had a coarctation of the aorta, which is kind of like a kink in a hose. Although it wasn't a bad kink, it was not something that would get better on its own. It would lead to bigger problems as I grew. After a few appointments to monitor the problem, my cardiologist, Dr. Jorge Giroud, told my parents that I should have the kink surgically repaired.


My parents were very scared, but they knew that Dr. Giroud was making a decision that could help me live a long and healthy life. Being good parents, they agreed to go ahead with the surgery. So, the day before my 4th birthday, I had surgery done.


As you can see, the surgery was a success. I have had multiple follow ups to monitorthe repair over the last 8 years, and each time, I have come out with the same result...PERFECTLY HEALTHY!DUHW Alex Collage


I am thankful for my doctors and what they have given me the chance to have a long, happy and healthy life."

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