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Our School is Heart Healthy!

Over 24 years, BASCP students have participated in the Heart Heroes fundraiser and its numerous healthy/active events.  This annual event has enjoyed an increase in the number of donations received and student participants each year. Thus, BASCP has firmly established itself as a valued contributor to the American Heart Association’s yearly contributions to the medical fields fight against heart disease. Last year was our most successful year and we raised over $5297.00. That means that this year we have a tremendous amount of work to match and/or surpass this benchmark and that makes every single contribution essential.

We’ve made it fun and easy for your child and family to raise donations using Heart Heroes cool online tool. Join BASCP’s web team and help your student set-up their very own Heart Heroes Web page and use their email feature to reach out to friends and family to ask for their support. Donations can be made directly to your child’s Web page. Get started by visiting and type in Bowen After School in order to join this fun family activity, and charitable, community effort.  

Please help us keep this wonderful tradition alive by participating in this month of nutrition, activity, and charity.

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