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Denver, CO

Saturday, June 2nd 2018



Event Day Information
Looking for something? It's probably here. Schedule, getting here, parking, and FAQ


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Why We Do What We Do
Steve Rice was a healthy, active 32-year old former athlete with a growing family and his future in front of him. An unexpected cardiac arrest stopped him in his tracks.


Our 2018 Heart Walk Sponsors
Our hearts are full of love for our sponsors.

It's Not Just a Walk

Timed 5K run, Yoga in the End Zone, CycleNation Spin Bike Demo


Get Registered

Sound like fun? Get in the action!


Tools & Resources

Walkers and Coaches - learn how to maximize your fundraising efforts here. You can become a Top Walker or an Executive Challenge member.


Tailgate Village & Executive Challenge

Make a big impact - reap big rewards.


LifeSmile Change Award
Have you made healthy lifestyle changes? Tell us about it!


Healthy for Good Zones

We are building a revolution in healthy living, all year round. Find out how you can join the movement by visiting our Healthy for Good zones at the Heart & Stroke Walk.


About the American Heart Association
Learn about our lifesaving mission and how you can help us achieve it.


Prize Information

Heart Walk Prize Certificate Redemption Site


Need assistance with your Personal Fundraising Page?  Reach out to our Heart Walk Customer Care Team.  They are available to answer your questions Monday - Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm (Central Time). 

Heart Walk Customer Care Team
Direct Line: (866-430-9255)