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Bill Whalen
The AHA and Red Dress Collection Team
Olive Whalen
Erin Whalen

Minneapolis, MN

May 5, 2018

Team Jubilee

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Team Jubilee

    Why We Walk

    Our Family is Why! Join Our Team!

    Esther Jubilee was born on Novmeber 2nd 2013. She looked to be a normal healthy baby with a slight case of jaundice; we found out later we were very blessed she had jaundice. At 3 days old at her jaundice appointment the doctor noticed a heart murmur which led to the discovery that she had Aortic Valve Stenosis and 9 days later she had a balloon procedure. The bottom chamber of her heart was so thickened from working so hard to push the blood through that her heart would have failed within the first month of life - before healthy babies go in for their one-month appointment. The procedure brought Esther’s heart to a stable level and by the grace of God she is still stable today. Esther’s first Heart Walk was when she was 6 months old and we have continued to attend every year. I remember looking around at the other survivors the first walk we did and just feeling hope for our little baby. We have been very blessed from the American Heart Association and the Heart Walk; feeling support and knowing that we are not alone in the fight against heart disease. The Heart Walk has become a family tradition that many people have come to join with us. It’s a day my daughter knows she is a survivor and feels so special because it’s a day to celebrate her life.

    We’re not just walking. We’re Heartwalking.