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The Sheehy Auto Stores' 23rd annual Sheehy 8000 Sales Race, running from July 17th through September 8th. This is a community wide initiative in which all 29 Sheehy Auto dealerships strive to sell 8,000 cars & trucks to help raise awareness and money to benefit the American Heart Association.

"Thank you for your support of the Sheehy 8000, one of our most significant annual sales events and fundraising partnerships,” said Vince Sheehy, President of Sheehy Auto Stores. “As we all navigate living through the COVID-19 pandemic and our new reality, it is important now more than ever to stay well through heart healthy diets and exercise. We are proud to once again partner with the American Heart Association and their ‘Healthy for Good’ initiative to provide homebound and socially distant support and guidance."

Last year, our Sheehy 8000 campaign raised $300,000 for the charity. To date, Sheehy's fundraising efforts have raised more than $40 million for community and non-profit organizations, and over $1.6 million raised for the American Heart Association. We thank you for your continued support in helping us exceed our expectations!

Each of our Sheehy dealerships throughout Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, Hagerstown and Baltimore, MD will lead various initiatives in support of the Sheehy 8000 to include virtual events to engage the community with ways to stay heart healthy and safe while maintaining social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“All of us at the American Heart Association are grateful for Sheehy’s unwavering loyalty during these unprecedented times. COVID-19 disproportionately affects heart and stroke patients, making their support more important and life-saving than ever,” says Soula Antoniou, Executive Director at the American Heart Association.

"The Sheehy 8000 is a phenomenal sales race and truly a team effort! The commitment of Sheehy’s employees, vendors and customers can be seen in funds raised and the lives impacted in Sheehy dealerships and in our communities. With over $1.5M raised to date, this campaign has made much of our work around blood pressure management, healthy food access, and CPR training possible. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"

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