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FUNraising Tips


Step 1: Register

You will have the option to register as a Team Captain, Team Member or Individual.

• Team Captains: Select “Create a Team Page” and follow the instructions.

• Team Members: Select “Join a Team Page” and follow the instructions.

• Individuals: Select “Create an Individual Page” and follow the instructions.


Step 2: Familiarize yourself with your “Participant Center” page. From your Participant Center, you can do the following:

• Personalize your fundraising page with a story and photo.

• Send emails to friends and family to ask for donations.

• Monitor your progress.

• Spread the word about your fundraising efforts via your personal social networking accounts.

• Edit your personal information such as your login, password and fundraising goal.


Step 3: Personalize your FUNraising Page

By clicking on the “My Webpage” tab in your Participant Center, you can add pictures and your personal story to show why you are fundraising. Sharing your story will help build passion and encourage friends and family to contribute to your effort.


Step 4: Send Emails

You can send personalized emails to your friends and family:

• Invite them to join your team as a team member.

• Encourage them to raise money to fight cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

• Ask them to donate to help you achieve your fundraising goal. The Email Center contains recruitment, donation request and thank you templates that will link directly back to your personal donation page.


Use the Address Book Import feature to reach out to your contacts. Be sure to add your personal story to the email templates to show your friends and family why you are participating and raising money.


Step 5: Track your progress

Visit your “Participant Center” regularly to check your progress and send follow-up emails to friends and family.


Looking for ideas on how to FUNraise? Here are some suggested events that you can organize on your own:

Personal Milestone
Garage Sale
Car Wash