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Fundraising Tips

With these handy tips you'll reach your fundraising goal in no time at all. Together, we'll build healthier lives all across America.

1. Personalize your Tribute page

Your personal page is going to be the hub for all your online donations, so don't ignore it. By simply adding a picture and sharing your story on your Tribute page, you'll raise 20% more than if you left it blank. Just click here to visit your page and start customizing now

2. Be the first to donate

Show your commitment to the cause with a self-donation! By making your own contribution, you will set the bar for future donations (most people will match or exceed your donation), and you also get the ball rolling for those who don't want to be first to donate.

3. Think before you ask

The key to fundraising success always comes down to the fact that you weren't afraid to ask for donations. But being smart about who, when, and how you ask is important too!

When asking for bigger amounts from someone close, be sure to ask in person. When asking from a wider group for smaller amounts, email works best, but social media can be great too. And of course, don't underestimate the power of good old fashioned mail to really strike a chord and make an impact with your ask.

Finally, however you choose to ask, let it come from the heart, and be creative!

4. Ask for support

Of course, not every person you know will be able to donate, but if you don't ask, they'll never have the chance. So ask everyone you can think of, and if they don't respond the first time, ask them again.

Even if someone you ask isn't able to support your event with a donation, that doesn't mean they can't help. For everyone that says "no", ask them if instead they can share your fundraising cause with people on social media, or ask others for you via email. You never know who might have been touched by heart disease or stroke that will want to donate to your event.

5. Get Social

You're going to want to take advantage of social media to ask for support from friends, family, and colleagues. But beyond conventional asks, as you gear up for your event, don't forget to share pictures and status updates to your networks about the preparation you're doing. Having a bake sale?

Take a picture of you at the grocery store to get people excited. Just got a donation? Let the world know how thankful you are with a status update honoring the generous person.

6. Remind

People are busy. They might want to donate to you but just forgot. Don't be afraid to follow up and send them a gentle reminder.

7. Reward

The most important thing to remember when doing any fundraising above all is: remember to thank your donors. Whether they donate $1 or $10,000, a heartfelt thanks makes a huge difference.

When in doubt, put your donor in the spotlight and thank them via social media. For bigger donations, consider writing a handwritten letter or get creative to show how much you care.

Tribute Event Ideas

When you set a goal for someone you care about, nothing can get in your way. With these handy tips you'll reach your fundraising goal in no time at all.

1. Birthdays

Instead of asking for gifts this year, ask others to donate in memory to your fundraiser. Celebrate life by helping save the lives of others!

2. Garage Sale

Garage sales are a fantastic way to reduce clutter, engage your local community and raise money for a good cause at the same time. Plus with social media, you can post your unused goods online to reach even more people in your network. Tidying up has never felt so good!

3. Bake Sale

The only thing more delicious than a sweet or savory baked good, is one that is going towards a great cause.

4. Car Wash

Here's another quick and simple event that has worked for decades. Just grab a few friends, some water and some soap and you're halfway to fundraising success.

5. Anniversary/Wedding

Similar to birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are great opportunities to ask others to redirect their kindness and generosity in the form of donations in tribute.

6. Walk/Run/Hike

Walks, runs, hikes, or other events of that nature are great ways to leverage your physical fitness, and get your heart going for a good cause.

7. Race

Want to take the physical fitness level up another step? Consider turning your event into a race for good.

8. Bowling

Bowling is a fun way to bring people together for a casual, relaxed event. You can supply food and drinks to your guests and charge them an entry cost, or take it up a notch and make it a tournament. This type of idea can work with a variety of different games such as table tennis, golf, etc.

9. Barbecue

Have access to a backyard and a grill? Great, host the neighborhood for some yummy eats and ask for a donation per person. Barbecues are also a great way to mix and mingle and get to know your neighbors.

10. Anything-a-thon

From spin classes, to zumba, and more. Just contact your local community center of fitness club and ask if they'll host your event