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Register your team here and mark yourself as going on our facebook page. Be part of our Rally Day on Sept 24 to hear from inspiring guest speakers. Then, use this day to register team members and recruit new teams!  Start tracking your activity on Sept 30, with our free, custom-made Activity Tracker that works with Apple Tracker and Strava, or manually. You can set your own activity goal as we come together as a nation to move 1 million miles! Be part of our weekly challenges to motivate, inspire and build camaraderie as we strive to reach 1 million miles and raise $1 million dollars. Post photos of your activity - we'll have prizes for the people who went the farthest, raised the most money, were best dressed and had the most team spirit! CELEBRATE on Oct. 29 with our local Zoom event at 6 p.m., then join CycleNation participants from across the nation at 6:30! We'll hear from stroke survivor and Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Michael Johnson.