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Heart Challenge Honorary Chair

Andrea Albright, SVP, Snacks, Beverages, Alcohol, Front End and Convenience Stores at Wamart

Heart Challenge Leadership

Marty Esarte, VP-DMM Candy & Impulse at Walmart
Kris King, VP Merchandise Operations - Snacks, Beverages, Alcohol, Front End, Convenience Stores at Walmart
Tim Robinson, VP, Merchandising Operations - Meat, Seafood, Deli, Bakery at Walmart
Jon Davis, VP/GM Global Walmart and Sam's at The Hershey Company

Executive Leadership Team

Roger Schultheis, Walmart
Dan Keefer, Unilever
Lauren Chamberlain, The Hershey Company
Megan Robinson, Post Consumer Products
Jay Arndt, Schreiber
Jessica DuQuesne, The Hershey Company
Jeremy Stewart, Post Consumer Products
Caitlin Berg, 3M
Heather Schluterman, Sam's Club

Natalie Hardin, Washington Regional
Stephanie Reibling, Sam's Club
Jennifer Cowell, Sam's Club
Jim Duddleston, KIND Bar
Kimmie Provost, Simmons Foods
Courtney Naundo, Walmart
Melody Richard, Walmart