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MW GRFW Woman of Impact 2020-2021 - Cincinnati, OH - WO-70918

Erin Klotzbach Hyatt

I am delighted to be nominated for this new event with the American Heart Association.  We are a team of changemakers who are excited to engage our networks to make the biggest impact possible on women’s health! We’re raising much-needed funds for the American Heart Association and working to improve the health of our communities. All the ladies in the competition are counting on personal networks for support!

Women’s passion has made history … but their actual hearts haven’t. Heart disease and stroke have never been just men’s diseases, but through the years women have been left out of scientific studies. 

Now we are fighting for better representation in medical research. Fighting for equitable access to care and treatments. Fighting to spread lifesaving information to our sisters. Fighting to overcome the No. 1 killer of women.

Watch me be counted.


The time is now. Get ready for a movement to shape how we care for our hearts.  

Together, we can make an impact.

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