Two-thousand, three-hundred. That's the number of Americans who die from cardiovascular disease every single day. Leaders of Impact brings the work of the American Heart Association to life in communities across the country.

Through this signature 7-week blind competition, changemakers are relentlessly focused on driving equitable health by educating their communities about cardiovascular disease and stroke, raising critical dollars to help fund lifesaving research and advocating for the health and wellbeing of all.

With the support of the American Heart Association, nominees and their teams create custom plans to maximize their reach and make an impact. Campaigns launch across the nation on World Heart Day (September 29, 2023), creating a groundswell and serving as a catalyst for change.

At the end of the campaign (November 15, 2023), the nominee that makes the greatest impact and raises the most funds locally will be named their community's Leaders of Impact winner. The nominee who earns the most points nationwide will be named the American Heart Association National Leaders of Impact Winner.

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