Join your friends and neighbors and be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

Physical and emotional health have never been more important than they are now! And joining your Pittsburgh Heart Walk is a great way to boost them both - all while making a huge impact in your community and saving lives.

By participating in the Pittsburgh Heart Walk, you will reap lasting benefits for yourself and help others.

    Save the lives of kids born with congenital heart defects and adults struggling with heart disease
    Teach thousands how to save lives through CPR training
    Fund the next heart and stroke medical breakthrough
    Become a champion for health and well-being, and ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare

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Event Details

Nothing unites us like doing good together

Our Pittsburgh Heart Walk has always been about coming together, getting hearts pumping, honoring survivors, raising lifesaving funds - and having fun along the way.

AHA-Red Line Separator

Using Parking QR Code

Parking QR Code imageGateway Four Parking Garage | 444 Liberty Avenue
QR code can either be printed out or on your phone.

  • Scan the code at the entry ticket machine scanner, and the exit ticket will dispense from the entry ticket machine. (Please note: must have this ticket to exit the garage)
  • The exit ticket cost is $5, and can be paid by cash or credit card when leaving for the day.
  • When leaving, pay for the ticket at the pay-on-foot machines or in the exit lane (credit card only) at the exit machine when leaving the garage.