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Huntsville, AL

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Christopher Parker

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Christopher Parker

Why I Walk!

I hope this finds you well. A great number of you have been great supporters of the Heartwalk over the years. I would love to have your continued support this year. I am planning to walk so if you can come out and join me I would love to see you there. The main reasons why this means so much to me is 1. My dad, Pop! 2. My Uncle Ben! 3. Caleb Burton 4. Evan Burton. I know how important the advances in medicine through the American Heart Association have meant to all of us over the years. I would love to see you at the Heartwalk and if you have some money to donate please do so. It saves lives.  

The fight against heart disease and stroke is important to me, which is why I'm walking in the American Heart Association's Heart Walk. Will you support my efforts to fight the nation's No. 1 and No. 5 killers - heart disease and stroke?

I Heartwalk for the millions of people who have been affected and for their loved ones. I Heartwalk for people just like you and me who want to help make our communities healthier, more active places.

With your donation, we will fight for a future where a parent does not have to hear that their child has a heart defect. A future where an adult does not have to face the uncertain times ahead after receiving a diagnosis of heart disease or suffering from a stroke. A future where you and I will know that we had a part in making this possible.

The power we have together far outweighs what I can do alone. Please help me by donating today. Your generosity would mean so much to me!

Thank you!

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