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Tuscaloosa, AL

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Amy Richardson

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Amy Richardson

Why I Walk!

Glad to be back with Tuscaloosa's Heart Walk and part of the team at Cardiology Consultants, PC.  Hope to see lots of familiar faces and red caps!  I'm happy that this "just happens" to be scheduled when we're coming to T-town.  See y'all soon ... Roll Tide Roll!


(former CCPC cardiac rehab exercise physiologist)

P.S.  And the following info is great to know too!

Results from the Moment You Give

What will your donation do? I'm glad you asked. Every donation will help create big science, like science that created the artificial heart valve. The moment you contribute to the Heart Walk, you are contributing to, witnessing, and progressing lifesaving science. Lives can't be saved without you. Will you donate today?

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