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2024 Central Iowa Heart Walk

Heart Survivor: Brad Feldman

Brad Feldman photo  
It was a typical June day in 2023. Brad Feldman and his family enjoyed a day on the lake soaking up sunshine and riding jet skis. Then they returned to their West Des Moines home to wind down for the evening. Everyone went to bed. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

In the middle of the night, that all changed.

While he slept, Brad – a physically active man in his early 50s – went into cardiac arrest due to an abnormal heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation. Considered the most serious arrhythmia, VF is fatal within minutes without treatment.

The first link in the chain of survival came from an unlikely source - the family dog, Jax.

Sensing his owner was in trouble, Jax woke Brad’s wife, Alicia. Alicia quickly called 911 while the couple’s 18-year-old daughter started chest compressions. Recently certified in CPR for her job as a lifeguard, Avery pushed hard and fast in the center of her dad’s chest for 7 minutes before paramedics arrived. One shock from an automated external defibrillator brought Brad back.

Today, Brad continues to enjoy the activities that keep him young at heart. He even tried a new sport - skydiving - after receiving permission from his doctors.

At the 2024 Central Iowa Heart Walk, we walk for Brad. We walk for the Feldman family. And we walk for every link in the chain of survival that has allowed Brad to keep living his best life.

It only takes a few steps to save lives like Brad.

Sign up for the Heart Walk, step out, and share your personal why.