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January through March, take on one, two or all three of our 4-week challenges for a total of 12 weeks of wellness activities! Challenges include tips, tools and fun experiences to inspire lasting change in health and in life, one small step at a time. Track your progress and share your challenge journey on social media using #MiniMyWay! Together in 2021, let's Eat Smart, Be Well and Move More. 

 Step 1
Chart your course to be Healthy For Good™​. Take one, two or take them all:

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 Step 2

      • Post to social media using #MiniMyWay and follow @theHeartMini on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for shared stories!
      • Opt in to be Healthy For Good via weekly healthy tips, tools and recipes leveraging AHA’s national resources


 step 3

      • Click here to start or join a team for instant access to our app and webpage to share your story.
      • Rally your friends, family and co-workers to join you digitially on Sunday, March 28th to #MiniMyWay


Connecting you to new ways to be a healthier version of you! 

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