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Alaska Heart Run

Join the Heart Adventure Team and come run with us!
Join the Heart Adventure Team and come run with us!

Heart Adventure

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Heart disease or Stroke CAN happen to you!

During peak fishing season in July of 2014, I had open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve failing from aortic regurgitation.

Although I thought I felt fine, my valve was only working at 1/3 capacity and was causing the wall of my left ventricle to weaken and enlarge. If left untreated, I likely would have suffered a catastrophic failure or my heart would have weakened to the point where the only remaining option was a heart transplant.

My scar reminds me of the importance of a continuous healthy and active lifestyle.

Thanks to donations like yours, technology and doctors were able to extend my life and allow me to be present for my kids, family, others in need.

Each day we can try to get stronger, tougher, and faster than the day before.

~ Stop making excuses for failed tasks.

~ Set a goal for yourself.

~ Be the best you can be and share your experience with others.

Join our team and help us support the fight against heart disease and stroke!

We are registered for the 5K Timed Run starting at 9:30 AM on Saturday April 20, 2019.

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