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Alaska Heart Run

Keeping the beat @ Prov Cardiac Rehab
Keeping the beat @ Prov Cardiac Rehab

Beat Keepers

Join our team and you automatically become awesome!



Welcome to the team that didn’t exist a week ago and now has over 30 teammates and is among the top 10 team donors to the AHA for the 2019 Alaska Heart Run! I’m so proud of our patients and their family and friends who want to do this event. I’m also proud of our team here on staff at Providence Cardiac Rehab, who are participating in this event in support of our wonderful and brave clients. Special mention to Arturo, who pestered me until this team was named and created.. Arturo, you’re a real pill, and thank you.

I thought I’d use this forum to reiterate logistics for race day, in case you missed the notice posted in the ready room on Thursday. Call or text me for questions or any problems getting through the gate to our parking: 907 947-3104. Remember, you may also text cute pictures of your dogs, and please leave cat pictures on the internet, where they belong.

PARKING: As always, one of the best things about cardiac rehab. Race day parking will be very limited around the campus. The gate will be down. We have notified security that our clients will be using our parking on race day. Tell the nice security guy through the speaker that you are going to cardiac rehab. Then drive it like you stole it. Call me if there are problems.

BIB AND MENDED HEARTS HAT PICK UP: If you haven’t already picked up yours, you can do so either FRIDAY at the King Career Center, 2650 E Northern Lights Blvd, 4:30-7 pm, or SATURDAY, RACE DAY 7:30-9am at the Alaska Airlines Center race festival area.


0800: I will open the Cardiac Rehab Area as our meeting place. Coffee will be available for the desperate and bleary-eyed (me and people like me).

0900: Cardiac Survivors Photo at the finish line of the race. Anyone that wants to do this- and I encourage you to do so!- We will leave the cardiac rehab area about 0830 and hike over. Anyone who hasn’t picked up their bib yet had best be heading over, too.

0930: The timed race starts for the overachievers amongst us. Have fun, fast people! See you later.

1000: The untimed race starts. If you are not already prepositioned at the starting area, plan on starting your walk over from cardiac rehab at about 0930.
Hopefully we will all find each other near the start area so we can take attractive photos of each other or at least huddle together for warmth.


The usual common sense points should be mentioned. Everyone, our awesome patients in particular, should stay with at least one buddy or family member. I am happy to be anyone’s new best buddy. CAD patients should carry nitro. Diabetics, a snack please. Parents with children may want to consider giving them their Easter candy early, so they burn through it on the 5k. You’ll thank me Sunday afternoon.

Good News! According to the weather forecast, we are unlikely to become overheated. Mixed snow and rain are predicted. Ha! We laugh at the mixed snow and rain! We are Alaskans! We know how to dress for weather! Except for the kids I see waiting for the bus in the morning. Please don’t dress like that.

After crossing the finish line, there is usually food and drinks available in the festival area. Check out the festivities, meet other survivors and give high fives. Meander back to the excellent parking and clean restrooms at cardiac rehab.

I’m really excited about our team. John C says he’s going to win ‘the whole thing’. Go John! Phil Vil is bringing his whole fandom. Mateo says he’s going to walk, and as I’ve not seen him do less than 11 METs for awhile, I’m pretty sure he will be levitating. Shout out to Joe T and Margaret D, our biggest donors, Wow, thanks.

There is a lot of energy at this event. I am always blown away by the number of cardiac survivors, and the folks who love and support them, who show up at this race. Please remember our other patients who have said to me, “I’m not strong enough to do it yet…next year, though..”

See you Saturday,
Cathy Cartee

(BTW, for those who have asked, Fake Amy Winehouse will NOT be walking in this event, although if Tim takes four months to finish I may send her after him)

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