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39th Annual American Heart Association Beach Ride

Join Our Team
Join Our Team

Friends for Life

Hey Team,

 It's hard to believe it's time to start fundraising for 2020! We hope you are all doing well! We welcome anybody wishing to join our team this year when you sign up! Heart disease has hit us hard over the years with both our parents affected and last year I lost my younger brother at the age of 61 due to a sudden cardiac event. In January Jerry had a MI and had three more stents put in! My older brother has had a MI also, open heart and stents put in. In June we lost a dear friend to heart disease, so you can see why we a strong supporters of the AHA and fighting against heart disease! So please join our team and have some fun fundraising this year! You don't have to participate in everything we do but we wish to meet you and welcome you to Friends for Life!

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