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41st Annual American Heart Association Beach Ride

Join Our Team
Join Our Team


Let’s join forces and help rescue hearts on our rescue horses! We are Ride-A-Rescue from Radford Virginia and we are here to not only help raise money and awareness for the AHA but also to demonstrate, show, and tell who ever will listen, how wonderful a rescue horse can be!

In 2012 we found out about and joined this amazing fundraiser event for the AHA, not only because it hit close to home for us (many of us have family members that have passed or suffer from heart issues) but also because it included our passion, HORSES!!!! Every year since 2012 our group of rescuers, volunteers and rescue horses has grown and participated in raising awareness about heart disease. With the bonus of being able to show off our amazing and well-rounded rescue horses by brining them to this event. Each year we strive to bring one or two of our newer rescue horses along with the others who have been year after year.
Our group is based out of Virginia, comprised of our core volunteers (around 25 people and growing) who bring horses from our non-profit "Ride-A-Rescue" program to help support the AHA, and as an extra benefit, participating in this event gives our rescue horses the chance to experience a whole new world which in turn helps them become better horses for their future adoptive family.

If you’re looking for a group to join; Ride A Rescue would love to have you! You don't have to be one of our volunteers to join our group! If you have your own rescue horse that you love or if you love the idea of horse rescue and want to show your support, then our group is the group for you! Please join us in our goal to help raise awareness and funds for the AHA along with helping show the world that Ride a Rescue and rescue horses in general can be just as awesome and sometimes better than other horses!

Want to learn more about our Ride-A-Rescue non-profit? Visit or visit our FB  and instagram page @ridearescue

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