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38th Annual American Heart Association Beach Ride

Join Our Team
Join Our Team

Driggers Riders

Welcome to the Driggers Riders Team!

Join us in he fight against heart disease and enjoy all the activities the Beach Ride has to offer.

As a survivor myself I can attest to the importance of research and education in the fight agaisnt heart disease. 

My 'WHY' is supporting the amazing advancements that have been made allowing children with heart defects to be diagnosed and treated before they are even born giving them a chance at a normal life. Without the research that would not have been possible and there is still work to be done. Every child deserves a chance. 

You don't have to look far to find someone that has been effected by heart disease, it does not discriminate.  Let's get going and make this the best year yet. 

Find your 'WHY' and ask everyone you meet, they might surprise you. 


Can't wait to see you in November.


Watch this page for T-Shirt info   

##### Sorry for the mix up - no T-Shirts this year #####

Unfortunately and fortunately I have just had lung transplant surgery and will not be attending the ride this year but I will be back next year with my mules. 


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