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Isabella is again raising money for the American Heart Association through the Kids Heart Challenge. As you already know, this is very near and dear to our hearts. This year Isabella had her annual echo and received some wonderful news! For the FIRST time EVER, she has had no change to her heart. This is amazing news!! As of now, we are in the “wait and see” scenario. Her heart is the size of an adults, but our hope is that it will not grow anymore and she can “grow into it.” The membrane has not grown back and we will “wait and see” and once she’s an adult, the likelihood that it will regrow drastically decreases. As for the leak, that has also remained the same and is causing her no harm. Her amazing cardiologist, Dr. Fedderly, was happy with these results and stated that he is hopeful for more of these updates at her continued annual echos. Puberty will be a time that things could change if they do change. For now, we are so incredibly thankful for no changes and will continue praying that each year Isabella’s heart remains healthy!!

Isabella has a strong desire to help other families that are in the position we were and still are, not have to be. She is hoping that more research can help more kids like her have healthy hearts. Every day Isabella is getting closer to reaching her fundraising goal of $2000. You can help her reach that goal by making a donation on her behalf today. It only takes a second and your gift has the power to changes lives for the better.

Isabella Piwonski-Dickinson

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