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Please help me save lives with the American Heart Association! I’m participating in my school’s Kids Heart Challenge and raising funds to help everyone have healthy hearts. I’m also learning things like how to keep my own heart, brain and lungs strong, how to save a life with Hands-Only CPR, the warning signs of a stroke and ways to de-stress.

This is even more important to me because I'm a heart hero!  My doctors diagnosed me with Congenital Heart Disease, specifically an Atrial Septal Defect, when I was four months old and at ten months I had open heart surgery! The surgeon sewed up four big holes in the wall between the upper two upper chambers in my heart and now it works perfectly.  It really scared my family but now I'm super healthy and capable of anything!!!

I’m really excited and hope you will help me save lives by donating!

Thank you for your support,

Murphy Poe

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