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Hi I'm Jasper!

This is the 3rd year that I am participating in this AHA challenge/charity event. Heart Disease runs in my family and it makes me happy that we are able to help raise awareness.

This cause is very important to me because I survived Kawasaki Disease twice! Both times, my coronary arteries were dilated and it was a close call but God helped me get through it and healed my heart so I could be healthy again.

Every year, I give back to Kawasaki Disease Foundation (https://kdfoundation.org), AHA (https://heart.org), and Kapiolani Medical Center (https://giving.hawaiipacifichealth.org)  and help advocate about this disease as it is the #1 aquired heart disease in Children under the age of 5 years old. There is less than a 2% chance for this already rare disease to occur a second time. I survived it a second time with the same dilatation to the same arteries as the first episode. My mommy says I am a very lucky boy. So now I try to let others know as much as I can about Kawasaki Disease so it may be able to help others.

My grandpa passed away in 2017, unexpectedly from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. He didn't know he had it until it was already too late. I wish he would have known about it so he could be here with us longer to see me grow. This disease is both preventable and manageable.

I hope to continue to advocate, support, and spread awareness for Heart Diseases...both for my grandpa and I.

If you would like to help me, please donate to my page and let's spread awareness together and make a difference for others.

Thank you for your time, support, love, and kindness! 

*************2021 update*********
I am currently a National Kid's Heart Hero Ambassador representing the state of Hawaii.

The clinical trial study I participated in back in 2016 to see if there could be a new treatment to prevent KD kids from having anerysums and slow the dilatation process down is today a successful treatment and is used to save lots of KD kids now.

I am a 2021 participant in Kapiolani Medical Center's Radiothon and was blessed to have an opportunity to share my story with Hawaii on the news and radio. TOGETHER, we helped set a record breaking goal surpassing last years record by over $150,000 giving back to our Women & Children's Hospital and making a profound difference. Together, we exemplified what we can do as a community and how even with our differences alike, can join together for a greater good for humanity. We are most definetely the aloha spirit state with a whole community of people who CHOOSE to be a rainbow in other people's cloud.   I am so proud to be a part of our community and hope to be able to make a big difference for others when I get older.

Raising awareness and giving back to society means a lot to me because I am truly blessed to be alive today, and to be in good health because of all the doctors and nurses at Kapiolani Medical Center who saved me, twice! I am on a life long mission to give back to those who helped me along the way, and allowing me to know that I am living a good life and living it well. 

Please consider donating to American Heart Association of Hawaii Every little bit counts BIG because what you give from your heart will always help to save them (hearts! quite literally).

Join me and be a part of this greater heartfelt change so that our world WILL be better for ALL of us tomorrow.


Jasper Watanabe-Hiromasa

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