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Will you help Kenzi save lives with the American Heart Association?

This is Kenzi's last year to participate in her school's Kids Heart Challenge, and she wants to go out BIG.  She is raising money to help everyone have healthy and strong hearts while learning about kids with special hearts – hearts that don’t exactly work just right – and Dana and I would like to take a moment to share her HEART story and why we are so passionate about supporting the American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge. 

When Kenzi was just about 4 weeks old, she was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW).  Someone with WPW syndrome has an extra pathway which allows for electrical signals to race back and forth between the upper and lower chambers of the heart causing a rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), and in Kenzi's case her heart rate was as high as 304 bpm in December of '12. That same day she was admitted to Texas Children's Hospital to be observed after she began her treatment plan.  This is where she began her journey of a year of medication,  holter monitors every 3 months, 6 months, yearly, every other year, every 3 years until she was eventually cleared until the summer of her 6th grade. 

Unfortunately, about a year and a half later in November of 2022 Kenzi had an episode after years of being asymptomatic.  We decided to monitor without medication, but also purchased a portable Kardia EKG monitor in the event she had another episode we could document it.  And she did
.  In February of 2023, Kenzi had her 2nd episode while jumping rope in PE.  We recorded her heartrate at 233 bpm.  Once again, medication became part of her daily life.  

In May of 2023, a few month after beginning her medication, Kenzi was put through a stress test.  The results showed her medication was working to keep from going into SVT.  So, we knew moving forward these were going to be her choices: a life-long of daily medication, no medication with the worry of all the what if moments, or schedule a electrophysiology study.  We chose the study. 

In August of this past year, Kenzi underwent an electrophysiology study and radiofrequecy ablation.   Making incisions at the femoral arteries  they inserted electrodes to map her heart, find the extra pathway and perform an ablation.  This procedure itself took 6 hours  with a 6 hour long recovery.  It was one of the longest days of our lives and a very emotional rollercoaster for Dana and I.  But at her 3 month follow-up they found no signs of WPW, and after 3 years with no symptoms they considered one to be cured.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

This journey has been Kenzi's whole lifetime, and hopefully in less than 3 years we'll be able to celebrate an end to this journey of hers.  So, we hope you will consider supporting her and this amazing cause that raises money to fund discoveries of new medicines and treatments to help save lives and help everyone have strong hearts like our beautiful baby girl's special heart. 

Thank You 

Kenzi and her family!

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