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Our School is Heart Healthy!

NEW this YEAR!!!


Let’s have a BALL  being Heart-Heroes!

Join in the FUN ASAP  Let's GOOOOO!!! 

EVERY student and staff member who joins our team, will get a heart shaped wristband - then, when they complete the steps to Finn's Mission, they can earn 8 community service hours, and be entered for a chance to win 2 Tickets to the 2025 SUPER BOWL!!  There will be 5 winners, from across the country, this year!

Join our Team & Please help us reach our goal this year - it's so simple and yet so impactful.

Join us in learning about heart health and raising funds to protect all hearts – especially other kids with special hearts, like our friend, Finn, here in Virginia! Through fun activities we’ll discover ways to take care of our hearts and brains while practicing kindness, gratitude and learning ways to de-stress. 

It's just 2 Steps to be one of our HEART HEROES

1) Join our Team, just click "Sign Up" (below) or use the cool new FREE "AHA Schools" App you'll earn your heart shaped wristband immediately

2) Complete the steps to Finn's Mission to earn 8 community service hours, earn the  cross-back backpack, and be entered for the Super Bowl Sweepstakes!!!

You'll learn how to help SAVE a LIFE, then share the CPR video you watch, as a family, with all of your loved ones, just follow the steps, provided right after you watch it. 

THANK YOU for helping us create a safer, healthier world.

When your student Completes Finn’s Mission, they’ll be recognized and celebrated as one of our school's “Heart Heroes”!

We can't wait to CELEBRATE all of you!!!

Save lives by donating and helping us reach our goal

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