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Our School is Heart Healthy!


AmeriSchools Academy Has Heart!

Join us in learning about heart health and raising funds to protect all hearts – especially other kids! Through fun activities we’ll discover ways to take care of our hearts and brains while practicing kindness, gratitude and learning ways to de-stress. Plus, we have the chance to earn PE equipment for our school!

Classroom Challenge Incentives for AmeriSchools Academy School:

All students who complete Finn’s Mission will get to sign the poster by Principal Altamirano’s office!
When we reach our school goal of $1,500 raised, Ms. Carrerea will be “Dragon Drooled” with slime!
AND, if we surpass our goal and reach $1,750 raised, Principal Altamirano will ALSO be “Dragon Drooled” with slime!

The top participating classroom will receive a popcorn party!

Starting at $5, for every donation level reached (keychain earned), students will earn a dixie cups worth of slime to pour on Ms. Carrera and Principal Altamirano! AND the top fundraising student will earn the ability to pour the 5 gallon slime bucket on Ms. Carrera and Principal Altamirano!


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