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Margie Halem

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I'm proud to be a Leaders of Impact Nominee

I'm excited to be nominated for the Leaders of Impact campaign this year.  As part of this year's class of changemakers, I'm dedicated to making a lasting impact on the health of our community and hope that I can count on your support!

Despite many advances, cardiovascular disease is still the No.1 killer in the US. And while approximately 80% of cardiovascular disease could be prevented through a healthy diet, physical activity, a healthy weight, not smoking, controlled blood pressure, diabetes, and lipid levels - the disparities in access to care, nutrition, and healthy environments make achieving these goals far too difficult for far too many people. That's why I am committed to being a part of this relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.

Are you with me in making a real impact on the health of our community? Please click on the donate button next to my name below to support my efforts. Every dollar counts, and I'm counting on you!

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