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Our School is Heart Healthy!

Join our school and help us support the cause!  Pomona has participated in The Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope For Heart) for almost 20 years!  It's near and dear to our hearts.  The students also work hard everyday in PE and eating healthy lunches/snacks to help keep our own body and hearts strong.  

We actually have a true Heart Hero currently in our school: Logan Bain, a 2nd grader here at Pomona.  A year and a half ago, Logan collapsed unexpectedly.  It turns out he went into cardiac arrest which is when your heart stops beating.  Of course he was rushed to the hospital, doctors got his heart beating again, and ran a bunch of tests to find out why his heart stopped beating in the first place.  No one could figure it out until his family took him to a cardiac (meaning "heart") pediatrics unit in Texas.  They finally learned that Logan has an abnormally large heart which effects how his heart beats and  pumps blood to his body.  This enlargement of his heart caused it stop beating that day.  Logan had heart surgery and now has a pacemaker and auto-defibrillator in his chest to prevent and/or fix this if it happens again.  The pacemaker keeps his heart beating like it's supposed to and the defibrillator restarts his heart just in case the pacemaker doesn't work and his heart stops beating again.  He is one brave kid and has quite the scar from his surgery.  

This kind of advanced technology has saved thousands of lives and continues to positively effect kids like Logan.  Research and funding also largely comes from The American Heart Association and PEOPLE LIKE YOU that graciously and willingly donate to this cause.  Thank you for giving!  And don't forget to stay healthy to keep your heart strong.

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