Meet Rosella and click HERE to learn more about how supporting her twin daughters' interest in running saved her life. She is passionate in helping other stroke, brain injury and heart survivors through her volunteer work. She is proud to be a "Stroke Survivor" and help other people so they do not feel they have to hide their challenges like she once did.

By participating in the Heart Walk, you’re joining a million Heart Walk Heroes from across the nation raising funds for lifesaving science. Science that can teach us all how to live longer and be Healthy For Good.

Take a few minutes to consider the lives you are going to help change for the better through your leadership and donations. We’re talking more moms, dads, brothers, aunts and babies' lives saved. Help keep hearts everywhere beating. Let’s take steps together to cure heart disease and stroke.


Have you set a goal to run a 5K, or just always wanted to try running or get back into it? This is the program for you! This 12 week training program gives you personal access to one of our talented running coaches and mentors who will have you ready to cross the finish line at the Capital Region Heart Run on Sunday, June 7th. You will meet once a week at 6 pm for guided group runs on either Mondays at the Colonie Town Park in Cohoes or on Thursdays at the Crossings in Colonie, whichever better fits your schedule. For the remainder of each week you will be given a training schedule to follow, along with access to a private Facebook group. Throughout the 12 weeks, you can expect to learn about proper running technique, stretching, running attire and much more. We look forward to crossing that finish line with you! Be sure to register for 5K Run + Training, or for more information, please contact


Monday, March 2nd- Orientation and information session at ABC Sports & Fitness

Monday, March 16th or Thursday, March 19- First training session