2021 Central Iowa Heart Walk Digital Experience



What does the Heart Walk Digital Experience look like?

The Digital Experience is all encompassing and allows you to be involved in Heart Walk anywhere! It is your chance to get moving, honor survivors, and raise lifesaving funds from anywhere. Here are a few exciting facts about this year’s Heart Walk!

• Our new activity tracker allows you to get moving and participate in movement challenges on our mobile app.
• The app also makes it easier than ever to connect, share and raise critical funds.
• You have the chance to earn awesome Heart Walk gear and rewards like caps, shirts, jackets and more.
• This campaign allows you to be creative, move wherever you are, any way you want - include your family too.

Why is it so important, now more than ever, that I participate in Heart Walk?

The American Heart Association truly needs your support, now more than ever. The AHA is working with researchers, medical experts, community leaders, businesses, families and more to reduce the impact of coronavirus. We need your help, but let’s make it fun and heart-healthy by participating in the Heart Walk together!
Your support funds things like:

• Research of the cardiovascular implication of coronavirus
• Acceleration of antiviral drugs to combat COVID-19
• Leveraging science to advocate for at-risk patients
• Address the needs of health care workers


Is there a registration fee?

Nope. Instead, participants are encouraged to make a personal donation to support the Heart Walk and fundraise, so your impact is limitless (do not worry, we’ll help!).

Should I register ahead of time?

Absolutely! Registering online gives you access to all our great fundraising tools and keeps you updated on day of campaign info. It also lets us know how many people to expect to join the digital experience.

If I participated last year, how do I get my login information?

Oops. Forgot your login? Recover it here using the "Forgot Username or Password" link.

Can I participate in Heart Walk if I'm not on a team?

Sure, you can walk and fundraise individually. Every donation raised will help create big science! But hey, since you are already on board, maybe consider starting a team and asking friends, family and coworkers to join you to also be Heart Walk heroes. It’s easy, can be done wherever you are, and we’ll walk you through each step.


Is there a fundraising minimum?

No, and there’s no maximum either! We encourage every participant to make a difference by asking friends and family for donations and making a personal donation.

How are donations made?

Donations can be made securely to your personal fundraising page with a credit card. Cash and checks may also be collected. All checks should be made payable to the American Heart Association and are easily submitted to your fundraising page by scanning the checks in the mobile app.

Can I fundraise after Heart Walk day?

Of course! Who are we to stop you from achieving fundraising fame? Your fundraising page will stay open for approximately 6 weeks after the event. You can also submit cash and checks to your local American Heart Association office at any time.

How long do I have to claim my rewards from the Reward Center after Heart Walk Day?

The Rewards Center closes 6 weeks after the event, so you have until that time to complete fundraising and claim your rewards.

What kind of support will I or my team receive?

Real life Heart Walk staff and volunteers are ready to help every step of the way with fundraising tools, resources, and any other support you may need.

How exactly do I fundraise? I’ve never participated in a fundraiser before!

We are happy to help, and thankful that you’ve decided to make an impact through Heart Walk! Your AHA staff are always here to help you, but we also have loads of pre-written messages and tools ready to go within the Heart Walk site and app. These resources make the fundraising both easy and fun! Feel free to make these messages your own and get creative! The most successful fundraisers are the ones who share their personal connection to this cause or the ones who spread the word in their own voice. We can’t wait to hear yours!


How do I submit cash or check donations to the American Heart Association?

Donations can be provided to your Coach or Heart Walk staff or mailed into your local American Heart Association office. Checks can also be easily scanned digitally into your Heart Walk app!

How does the Heart Walk Digital Experience truly work? How long will I be walking for?

This year, the Heart Walk Digital Experience gives you so much flexibility to participate wherever you are and in the way that works best for you, and your family if they are participating too! You can be a part of the experience by taking a walk, dancing, running, bike riding, etc. Don’t forget to use the activity tracker in the Heart Walk app to track your steps! Whatever you choose to do, it’s time to GET MOVING on Heart Walk Day!

Is there any special recognition for survivors of heart disease and stroke?

Of course, survivors are the heart of the Heart Walk! Survivors will be encouraged to wear red or white ball caps during Heart Walk Day and share their story of triumph over heart disease or stroke. Check with your local staff for more specific information on additional recognition.