2021 Greater Atlanta Heart Walk

The Greater Atlanta Heart Walk is back and ready to reinvigorate your heart healthy lifestyle by uniting our community for better health, a fun experience and opportunity to help save lives.

This year, you can Heart Walk Here, there or anywhere! Choose our path or yours. We invite you to walk with us at our in-person event or wherever you feel inspired. No matter where you choose to walk, participating and donating to the Heart Walk will save lives and improve lives.

Whatever you choose, please get registered today. Together, we'll get back out there to protect hearts in our community!

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So many benefits when you join:

Get Moving with our activity tracker and movement challenges on our mobile app leading up to the event
Get Grooving with our exclusive Heart Walk On Demand Playlist
Get Connected it's now easier than ever to connect, share and raise critical funds
Get Rewarded earn Heart Walk Gear to show your support for our mission all year long
Get Inspired get creative, move wherever you are, any way you want - include your family too

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Supporting a Smoke-free Gwinnett
The American Heart Association is working to ensure every Gwinnett resident, worker, and visitor has the ability to work in a smoke-free workplace through advocating for a comprehensive smoke-free policy. Smoke-free policies not only protect the health of workers, musicians, and patrons; they also protect the health of the community as a whole. Want to join us as an advocate? Text Gwinnett to 46839.

The American Heart Association is creating mask-friendly environments at all our events. Vaccinated attendees will have the option of choosing whether to wear a mask, while those who are unvaccinated will need to wear a mask. Please do not attend an AHA event if you are not feeling well or have symptoms, irrespective of your vaccine status. If you have a condition that weakens your immune system or take certain medications, you may need to take extra precautions even if you are fully vaccinated, as instructed by your doctor. The AHA encourages you and everyone you love, care for, or care about to be vaccinated.

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