Join your local Heart Walk, fundraise and give support to the American Heart Association in the fight against COVID-19.
Together, we'll protect the hearts we love that are the most vulnerable during this extraordinary time.

2022 Philadelphia Heart Walk



Will anything besides the date be changed?

No, the date of the event is the only thing that is changing. The Heart Walk will remain at Citizens Bank Park at 8am, but now it will be held on Sunday, November 20th.

What if I can no longer make the date of the Heart Walk?

The great thing about the Heart Walk is that you can walk here, there or anywhere! Join us any time over the weekend of November 18th-20th and get out there, feel free to invite a friend or two.

I have donations that I was planning to bring on November 5th, but can’t attend on November 20th. What do I do with them?

There are a few options for donations! If you have cash and feel comfortable turning that cash into an online donation, you can keep the cash and make a credit card donation to your team in the same amount as the cash. If you have checks, you can mail them to the below address. If you would like to coordinate a money pick up with me, shoot me an email with the subject line “MONEY PICK UP NEEDED” and we can coordinate!

Address for mailing checks:
American Heart Association
Attn: Heart Walk – [YOUR TEAM'S NAME HERE]
1617 JFK Blvd, Suite #700
Philadelphia PA 19103

Can I keep fundraising?

Yes!! The fundraising window remains open through the end of the calendar year, December 31st.

What if it rains on the new date of November 20th?

The Heart Walk is a rain or shine event. We know it might be a little bit chillier than you remember, so make sure to layer up and bring those hats and gloves to stay warm on your walk!

The Phillies are playing in Houston on Saturday, why do we need to move the Walk?

We’ve been working closely with the Phillies and the City, and in order to break down everything from Thursday night’s game, set up everything for the Heart Walk, all while ensuring we have enough City and Phillies staffing, we need to move the Walk to November 20.

The Philly Marathon is also scheduled for November 20, will that pose any issues?

The Marathon route doesn’t overlap with ours, so although there may be a bit more traffic than usual, we will still be good to move forward! We recommend you give yourselves just a few extra minutes in case there is a back up of cars on 76.


Is there a registration fee?

Nope. Instead, participants are encouraged to fundraise so your impact is limitless (don’t worry, we’ll help!) and make a personal donation to support the Heart Walk.

Should I register ahead of time?

Absolutely! Registering online gives you access to all our great fundraising tools and keeps you updated on day of event info. There is also our Move More Activity Challenge that starts 30 days pre-event and you don't want to miss out on all of the fun!

If I participated last year, how do I get my login information?

Oops. Forgot your login? Recover it here using the "Forgot Username or Password" link.

Can I participate in Heart Walk if I'm not on a Team?

Sure, you can walk and fundraise individually. Every donation raised will help create big science! But hey, since you’re already on board, maybe consider starting a team and asking friends, family and coworkers to join you to also be Heart Walk heroes. It’s easy, and we’ll walk you through each step.


Is there a fundraising minimum?

No, and there’s no maximum either! We encourage every participant to make a difference by asking friends and family for donations and making a personal donation.

How are donations made?

Donations can be made securely to your personal fundraising page with a credit card, PayPal, Venmo and more. Cash and checks may also be collected. All checks should be made payable to the American Heart Association. Fun fact? You can deposit checks directly through the Heart Walk App!

Will I receive a Heart Walk t-shirt?

All walkers who raise over $100 have the opportunity to redeem Heart Walk Hero Gear from our Heart Walk Rewards Center located in your Heart Walk Headquarters and in the Heart Walk App. There are so many cool options to choose and the best part is they will be shipped directly to you after you redeem them. The Rewards Center is available pre-Walk and up to 6 weeks post-Walk for redemption! We can't wait to see what you pick!

Can I fundraise after Walk day?

Of course! Who are we to stop you from achieving fundraising fame? Your fundraising page will stay open for approximately 6 weeks after the event. You can also submit cash and checks to your local American Heart Association office at any time.

Is there a Heart Walk App?

Yes! Our app, for both iPhone and Android, has everything need and more! Connect with others through social media, email and text, manage your pages and even deposit checks! You can even pre-schedule posts ahead of time on Facebook and LinkedIn. This is also where the Move More Challenge activity tracker will show up 30 days before your Heart Walk date!

How do I fundraise on Facebook?

It is fun to raise funds on Facebook so we are glad you asked! Log into your Heart Walk Headquarters and go to "MY DASHBOARD" then scroll down & click "CONNECT TO FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER". Once you do so, all donations received through Facebook will be credited to your fundraising page and go toward your Walk.

What kind of support will I or my team receive?

Real live Heart Walk staff and volunteers are ready to help every step of the way with fundraising tools, resources and any other support you may need. You also have to check out all of the tools in the Heart Walk Headquarters under the resources tab once you register.

Should I bring any funds I did not raise online to walk day or drop it off somewhere before the event?

We accept funds anytime! Contact your local AHA staff and they will share all of the money pick up/drop off opportunities.


Are there activities pre-Walk Day to take part in?

Yes, the Move More Activity Challenge starts 30 days prior to your Heart Walk date. Simply download the Heart Walk App and 30 days prior to the Walk the activity challenge icon will appear and you will be able to start tracking your minutes of activity. During the final Heart Walk week there is also a Week of Wellness with daily inspiration for your overall health and well-being. Register early so you don’t miss out!

What is the Move More Activity Challenge?

We could all use some help to keep moving and stay in touch. The Move More Challenge will get you moving while protecting the hearts you love. Simply download the Heart Walk App or if you already have the app make sure to update it. 30 days prior to your walk date, the activity tracker icon will appear in your app. You’ve got 30 days to log your activity minutes and see if you can reach 150 minutes a week. Any activity counts, you can walk, run or dance. Just get moving and make sure to activate your workout so we count your minutes. There is even a leaderboard for top movers. Register today to get all of the updates about the Move More Activity Challenge. Your Activity Tracker will go live 30 days before your Heart Walk!


Will the Heart Walk be in person this year?

We're moving forward with plans to host the Heart Walk in person in most markets around the nation. The health and safety of our survivors, participants, staff and volunteers will be our top priorities as we make decisions about day of event details. We'll continue to offer options to participate for everyone’s comfort level no matter whether you join us in person or in your favorite park or in your neighborhood. Choose our path or yours. No matter where you choose to walk, participating and donating to Heart Walk will save lives and improve lives. Register today and be the first to know about the Walk logistics and details in your area.

Can I wear a mask to the Heart Walk?

Absolutely. Our events are mask-friendly.

I’m not yet ready to venture out to the Heart Walk, but I still want to participate. Are there options for me?

You bet! We have a great Walk experience planned whether you choose to join us at the event or to walk where you are most comfortable. Pick a location that inspires you or stroll through your neighborhood. We have some digital options to stay connected on Walk day including our new Heart Walk On Demand Playlist. Check out your local walk website for more details. Don’t forget to post photos and tag us too!

What is the Heart Walk On Demand Playlist?

Get your groove on with us and be connected as one no matter where you walk with our new Heart Walk On Demand Playlist. The playlist is a great collection of music and mission to inspire every step! The playlist will be available the week of the Heart Walk and you will have access to it directly from your local Heart Walk website.

Is there a check in/registration area day of walk?

No, there is not check in/registration area day of walk. Simply lace up, show up and walk with us! If you have cash or checks please contact your local AHA staff and they will share all of the money pick up/drop off opportunities visit our donation tent to drop off funds.

How far is each walk?

Just far enough. But seriously, most Heart Walks are 3 miles. Some have shorter routes for families with children, survivors and others who want to walk but may not be able to complete the longer route. You can find the details on your local walk website event page.

Is there any special recognition for survivors of heart disease and stroke?

Of course, survivors are the heart of the Heart Walk! They’re given commemorative red or white ball caps to wear during the Walk to show their triumph over heart disease or stroke. Check with your local staff for more specific information on additional recognition.