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Our School is Heart Healthy!

Hello Hinman Heart Heroes! The teachers have agreed to be the SILLY STRING SQUAD! Every time 30 students register for the Kids heart Challenge then a teacher from the Squad will be SILLY STRINGED!  

25% of the class registered earns 10 minutes extra recess – 50% of the class registered earns 15 minutes extra recess- 75% of the class registered earns Glow Dance Party ( glow sticks and dance music track provided by AHA) – 100% of class registered earns 30 minutes of free choice PE! All students that complete Finn’s Mission will get a Pizza Party provided by school.

When the registration goal has been met and Principal challenge achieved then the principals will be SILLY STRINGED!

The AHA will provide to the teacher with the most students registered a Playground pack ( jump ropes and playground balls) . The teacher with the most $ raised will get the playground pack and a $25 Amazon gift card. Principals agree to buy lunch for teachers that complete Finn’s Mission!

Our School Has Heart!

Join us in learning about heart health and raising funds to protect all hearts – especially other kids’! Through fun activities we’ll discover ways to take care of our hearts and brains while practicing kindness, gratitude and learning ways to de-stress. Plus, we have the chance to earn PE equipment for our school!


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