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Our School is Heart Healthy!

2024 Kids heart Challenge

It’s A Celebration!


The American Heart Association is turning 100 YEARS OLD! Thing is, they don’t look a day older than 29. Oh, the benefits of healthy living and a healthy heart!

For those that are new to Dunn, Kids Heart Challenge (formerly Jump Rope For Heart) has been a part of our school’s very fabric for 46 years, since the first year that the AHA began doing JRFH/KHC. The name and technology involved has changed, but the heart of our Dunn community remains the same. In honor of AHA100, over the next few weeks we will educate, move, and give back!

Educate: We will be discussing the benefits of sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise, laughter, and giving to others. Mr. Murphy’s challenge: Sleep 8-10 hours each night & drink lots of Louisville’s top-ranked tap water. It’s free and fantastic for your body! Make these life long habits!! Please & Thank You!

Move: There are a plethora of ways to move/exercise. For KHC, our primary focus will be on jumping rope with a bit of dancing sprinkled in.

Give Back: Every day, there are families dealing with serious challenges due heart conditions and unfortunate circumstances. The AHA provides these families with resources every chance they get. One of those resources is the financial help they get from schools like ours that raise money through KHC. That can be done via online donations or through the check deposit feature in the AHA Schools App. Information on this can be found in the attached AHA document.

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