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Four girls smiling with arms around each other's shoulders.

Build the Next Generation of Lifesavers

The Kids Heart Challenge & American Heart Challenge programs teach students healthy habits to better themselves and their communities, while they raise critical funds to end heart disease and stroke.


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Learn More About KHC/AHC

Why join KHC or AHC?

These service-learning based fundraising programs give K-12 students the opportunity to feel good, while doing good. It’s a way for students to better their life – all while changing someone else’s.

Raise funds to help kids with special hearts

Support the social, emotional, and physical health of your students, families, and staff

Acquire the lifesaving skill of Hands-Only CPR

Real Lives are Saved

Phil and his mom saved a man’s life with the Hands-Only CPR skills they learned from the program at Phil’s school. Watch the video:

Ready to change and save lives?

Here are other reasons to join:

Educational resources on topics like teamwork, kindness, antivaping, positive thinking, sleep, STEM and physical activity

Opportunities for grant funding, wellness resources and equipment, direct givebacks and educator professional development

Turnkey and flexible program that can be completed in 2-4 weeks

About the Kids Heart Challenge and American Heart Challenge

For nearly 50 years, the American Heart Association has been partnering with educators in elementary, middle, and high schools across the nation to help educate students about healthy living.

If you’re a student registering under your school, click here.

If you need help, please contact For faster service, please include your name, school name, city, and state.