BING HW 2020 Chair Photo

Introducing the 2020 Southern Tier Heart Walk Chairperson

John Carrigg, President & CEO, UHS, Inc.

"The why for me is both personal and professional.  I have seen several family members affected by cardiovascular disease, and I have also seen life-saving research and treatment as President and CEO of UHS, the largest healthcare system in our region.  I have seen both the negative impact of the disease and the positive impact of beneficial research and world class treatment brought to our community.  I ask for everyone's support in making the 2020 Southern Tier Heart Walk a success in the battle against heart disease and stroke."

By participating in the Heart Walk, you’re joining a million Heart Walk Heroes from across the nation raising funds for lifesaving science. Science that can teach us all how to live longer and be Healthy For Good.

Take a few minutes to consider the lives you are going to help change for the better through your leadership and donations. We’re talking more moms, dads, brothers, aunts and babies' lives saved. Help keep hearts everywhere beating. Let’s take steps together to cure heart disease and stroke.