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Welcome! For the next 21 days, we’ll give you 21 simple ways to get 2021 off to a positive, heart healthy start.

Beginning January 7, you’ll receive daily inspirations – each a simple but effective task for you to complete. From walking for 15 minutes or more to learning new eating habits, it’s a crash course on heart healthy living – and the best way to start building good habits for the year ahead.

Let’s get started!

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Text the keyword AHA21Days to 51555 to receive daily challenge reminders through January 28, 2021 via text from the American Heart Association. Once the challenge has ended, you may also periodically receive text messages from similar programs. Message and data rates may apply. Reply STOP to stop messages or HELP for questions.

Power21 Daily Inspiration

Challenge of the Day:


January 2021

January 2021 Daily Challenge Table
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Dance, dance, dance

Grab your kids or grandkids and get your hearts pumping with a good old-fashioned dance party!

Get Dancing!


Know Your Numbers

Take the opportunity this month to know your numbers and take stock of your heart health.

Find out how to know your numbers!


Learn Life’s Simple 7

You can do it! Learn how you can improve your heart health with these seven simple steps!

Learn Life’s Simple 7!


Cook healthier for less

Discover how your family can eat nutritious and delicious! dinners for less than $100 a week.

Start Cooking!


Stress stinks! Get giggly.

Make silly faces with your family, have a staring contest, watch videos of babies see ya later, stress!

Lower Your Stress


Get in the zone!

When you work out, are you doing too much or not enough?

Find your Target Heart Rate here!


Sleep better tonight


Don’t let winter slow you down

Exercise boosts your immunity during cold and flu season.

Even a few minutes can make a difference.


Grab a healthy snack

Get crackin’ with some healthy snackin’!

Check out these healthy snacks!


Boost your mental health

Meditation can help boost your mental health and well-being.

Find a comfortable spot and let’s get started!


Give yourself a break

Let that negative energy go and focus on what you’re grateful for now.

Here are some tips.


Check your numbers

Do you know your blood pressure numbers? What do they mean?

How high is too high?


Get your whole family moving!

An active family is a happy family. Grab a loved one and make a family exercise video.

Here are more tips.


Wake up rejuvenated

With a few adjustments to your morning routine, you’ll be hopping out of bed ready to go in no time.

We can help!


Spend time with your pets

Just petting a beloved animal can help lower your blood pressure.

Your pet can help you live healthier!


Know your blood pressure

Find out how to check your blood pressure the correct way.

It’s so important!


Take a deep breath, relax

It’s OK, we all have stress. The key is not letting it slow you down.

Here are three simple ideas to help you deal.


Get your family up and moving

Every minute counts toward your exercise goal.

Here are 26 tips to get your whole family moving!


Stop stress in its tracks!

Try these 10 tips to get out of stress fast.

Get the Tips


Grab your sneakers!

Walking as little as 15 minutes a day through the neighborhood can lower your chances of heart disease.

Find out how!


Enjoy a meal with your family

Time is tight. Learn to plan your family’s meals with ease.

Start your meal planning!


BONUS DAY: Keep going! 21 Days of Gratitude

Ready to continue building on your new healthy habits?

Start a journey of gratitude today.


Thanks for signing up!

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on how, together, we’re making an impact on your community.


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