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When your student joins the Kids Heart Challenge, not only will they raise funds to help kids — and all people — with special hearts, they’ll also learn about their heart health. Activities and interactive technologies make it fun to learn how to keep your heart and brain strong and emphasize both physical and emotional wellness. Plus, your school can earn PE equipment.

With heartfelt thanks,
The American Heart Association

Finn, First grade

Finn was born with multiple heart defects and spent the first eight months of his life in the hospital. Finn has had 18 heart surgeries and last year underwent a customized procedure to correct his special heart anatomy and give him the gift of life. Today, an energetic Finn loves to have fun.



3 easy steps!


Download the Kids Heart Challenge app or go to


  • Choose a student health challenge
  • Join the Family Move More Challenge

Collect donations and earn thank-you gifts and online badges.



Thank-you Gifts!

If any item becomes unavailable, we reserve the right to offer an alternate item of equal value. These gifts meet the requirements, where applicable, of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and other product safety regulations.






Convert all cash to a check(s) payable to the American Heart Association. Use the app to scan checks (and then shred them), and funds will immediately appear in your total online!

Ask your donor if their company provides matching gifts. That means their company will ALSO give you a donation! Go to to search company names.

Keep your eye out for special symbols like this. Hold your phone/tablet’s camera over them to launch special clues, videos and augmented reality experiences!

Use social media and your KHC headquarters to send emails to friends and family sharing the health challenges you've taken and inviting them to donate to support your goal.

Start Fundraising Today!

All donors who make donations online will receive receipts.