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Hosting Field Day at your company?

Help everyone alleviate workplace stress and burnout. By hosting a Field Day at your company, you can improve everyone’s heart health, have fun AND give back.

How does Field Day get organized?

Usually someone at the company (like an executive champion), selects a steering committee of 5-10 members to coordinate Field Day. Need a committee? Employee Resource Groups and young professionals are great candidates.

How do employees participate?

Anyone can become a team captain and recruit teammates. In the weeks leading up to the Field Day, teams can compete by earning points in the Proper Prep challenge (get game ready with activities) and the Fundraising Challenge. On the big day, everyone gets to play together!

Where do we host our field day event?

Ideally, the event is on a weekday afternoon or evening. Event can be indoors or outdoors; onsite or at a nearby park (We have a virtual option too!).

How is a field day website created for my company?

We take care of it! Our American Heart Association staff will gather information from you to launch your Field Day website.

How do teams earn points to win the field day trophy?

There are three ways to earn points:

  1. The Fundraising Challenge encourages teams to work together to raise money and meet their goal.
  2. The Proper Prep Challenge improves overall health with activities and education and gets everyone ready to play.
  3. On the day of your Field Day event, teams participate in games to earn points. Top teams are celebrated at the end of your event, and the winning team gets a trophy!
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Is there a registration fee?

Most events have a $25 registration fee. Check your company’s Field Day page, or contact AHA staff to learn more.

How can I get my co-workers involved?

The very best way? Become a team captain and recruit a team! When you register, just start a team and invite your coworkers to join you.

What does it mean to be a team captain?

Unleash your inner kid. As a Team Captain all you need to do is:

  1. Recruit your co-workers to join your team
  2. Rally them as you compete together in the Proper Prep Challenge, the Fundraising challenge and the Field Day games.
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Is there a fundraising minimum?

No, and there’s no maximum either! You can make an impact by asking friends and family for donations and making a personal donation.

How are donations made?

Donations can be made securely with a credit card or through our online payment options. Cash and checks may also be collected. All checks should be made payable to the American Heart Association.

Is there a fundraising deadline?

Most companies recommend the day before your Field Day, to allow donations to count towards the fundraising challenge.

However, we will gladly accept donations made after the deadline (but they aren’t eligible for points in the fundraising challenge).

What kind of support will I or my team receive?

Each team is encouraged to be creative and to work together to raise funds for the American Heart Association! And our staff and volunteers are ready to help you every step of the way with fundraising tools, resources and any other support you may need.

What is the difference between the fundraising challenge and proper prep challenge?

The Proper Prep Challenge is a series of weekly activities that get you and your team prepped for the big day. It’s usually kicked off one month prior to your Field Day. Teams earn points by attending these activities.

The Fundraising Challenge focuses on the dollars raised to save lives. This usually launches 60 days prior to your event and is the best way to earn points.

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Event Day

Are there required games we should play at our field day event?

No, but to make it easy we have suggested games that are popular with other Field Day companies (included in this guide). We also encourage you to be creative and choose games your employees will enjoy!

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Contact Us

I have additional questions. Who do I talk to?

If you can’t find the details you need, please contact us directly at fieldday@heart.org and 1-800-242-8721.

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