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American Heart Association. Life is Why
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Heart Walk event participants

Results with Every Step

Are you ready? When you join the Heart Walk, you make a difference from day one.

Save Lives

You help fund lifesaving science. Science that can create an artificial heart valve. Prevent a stroke. Put scientific advances into doctors’ hands. Correct heart defects in newborn babies. And someday, find a cure for high blood pressure. Science that can teach us all how to live longer and healthier.

Be Healthy For Good

You learn how to live healthier with proven, science-based tips and information on how to eat smart, add color, move more and be well. And you get to be a trailblazer in our Healthy For Good movement.

One Million Strong

You join more than a million Heart Walk Heroes in more than 300 locations across the country, funding the kind of breakthrough science that saves lives every day. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

Just a Few Simple Steps

  • Find the Heart Walk near you and register online.
  • Set a goal and personalize your fundraising page to make it easy for your friends and family to donate.
  • Raise money to support lifesaving research and programs.
  • Make a personal contribution.
  • Walk your heart out.
  • Save lives.

Told you it was simple! So, let’s go.

Find Your Heart Walk