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Heart Walk event participants

Are You a Survivor?

Or a caregiver for a survivor? A survivor is anyone who has survived a stroke or any form of heart disease, like heart attack, cardiac arrest, heart failure, an irregular heartbeat, heart valve problems or congenital heart defects. Survivors of all ages play a special role in the Heart Walk.

The Heart Walk Is For You

Nothing is more powerful than a story from the heart. Stories of survival make the facts and figures on heart disease and stroke come to life. One single story can inspire, teach and provide hope for millions of others affected by heart disease and stroke.

When you get involved in the Heart Walk, you can help fund scientific advances to prevent and treat heart disease and stroke. You can connect with other survivors like you. And you can share your story to inspire and help others.

How We Celebrate Survivors

Heart disease and stroke survivors are the heart of the Heart Walk. Wearing your commemorative red or white ball cap, you’ll be celebrated along with other survivors.

You can make a difference.

Find Your Heart Walk. And don't forget to tell us that you’re a survivor in your Heart Walk Headquarters.

You can also check out our Support Network.