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American Heart Association. Life is Why
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Heart Walk event participants
National company teammates standing together

Want to go all in? Participate in the Heart Walk nationwide to be part of an elite group of leading-edge companies that are making an even bigger impact.

With 300+ locations throughout the nation, the Heart Walk offers a way to unite employees across your organization around a cause everyone can get behind. There’s even a way to participate virtually.

The Heart Walk connects you with other thought leaders who are making a real difference in the health of all Americans.

Ready to raise the bar?


Fundraising Goal: $1,000,000+

Fundraising Goal: $500,000+

Want to be in good company? Join more than 15,000 other thought-leader companies who, together with the American Heart Association, are working to improve the lives of all Americans.

The Heart Walk is an opportunity to bring your organizational values to life and show that you care. Becoming a Heart Walk company brings year-round benefits to your organization and employees:

  • help achieve wellness goals
  • provide real-life team-building and leadership experience
  • get resources to create a healthier work environment
  • rally employees around a shared purpose
  • give people a way to make a real difference in the world

Bring a sense of community to your company. Embrace a shared vision for a healthier America. Raise money to fund lifesaving scientific research, innovation, community programs and education.

It’s easy to get your company up and walking. Find the Heart Walk near you and register to start a team.

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