Kick Cabin Fever to the Curb

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Dive in to fun and exciting tools and resources that you can use to help Kick Cabin Fever to the Curb!

The 10-Day Challenge has been created to help students occupied, entertained, and healthy during school closures.

When you join, you'll receive daily challenge emails loaded with quality content that will help families prioritize mental and physical health with four key areas of focus:

  • The physical activity prompts help pass the time with activities such as dance routines, NFL Play60 movement videos and ways to keep moving while at home.
  • The community skills components allow participants to learn Hands-Only CPR, the warning signs of a stroke, the dangers of smoking and/or vaping and so much more.
  • The mindful moments section asks students to reflect on gratitude and individual goal setting.
  • The last component brings the entire family together cook new recipes and meaningful discussion topics such as how heart disease has touched their family.

Here's a sample of some of the activities that are available during the 10-Day Challenge:
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